How to release product information in efficient ways?

Avoid information repetition
1.  Thins not good about repetition:

If several products bear quite a resemblance in specifications, they’ve got a big chance to incur “terrible customer experience”. For buyers, they need clearly-defined messages about various products for analyzing, comparing and making final decisions. In this sense, information repetition would fail to provide easy or efficient choices for potential buyers. Thus, after visiting just a few online shops, they may quickly lose interests.

Specific situations and our solutions
Wrong things to do
Right things to do
Just a few models for the same product or keep to showcase identical products
Every product should be specified about its model, attributes, function; and make sure every specification has a point to make.
Use rich-text description, and apply different products names in different information
Identical description for different products, or limited parameters and attributes information being provided
Delete all identical or piled-up descriptions while maintaining those that could highlight uniqueness of products.
Use rich-text function and it’s always excellent to accompany pictures with text.
Company profile added to descriptions of every product released
No company profile included in product specifications/Try to select products that are in great demand, and product names, keywords, and attributes(self-defined) that fit potential customers’key word search
For products with similar functions but different appearance, one could release different photos while keeping specification the same.
Use just one message to depict one product series. Pictures should be used to showcase one product line. Except for basic product specification, more comments are recommended for depicting attributes of the series.

In general, the key for releasing products in a successful way is to clearly define the uniqueness, selling points, target markets and the supply and demand situation of the product in the markets. For releasing really attractive and refreshing product information, we must take buyers’ perspectives and always be clear about uniqueness of your products. We would suggest all users to release as many products as possible while making sure specifications about the products are of high quality. Only in this way, you could draw buyers’ attention successfully to your pages.

Fill out the blank space for product attribute

Product attributes refer to those abstract characters that highlight the product or its connections with other products. An attribute could be a brand, model, norm, shape, expertise, material, function, or technical parameter.
Here at, product attribute refer to both inherent attribute and self-defined attribute. We would provide titles of inherent attributes for you to choose based on specific conditions of different industries or product lines. And you need to fill out the blank space for value of the attribute. Self-defined attribute would allow you to write about the uniqueness of your products. Both titles and values of attributes need to be covered.

Please be careful about the following things:

1. Complete, correct, meaningful attribute name and value could help present your products in a more professional way, make them easier to be searched and thus increase their exposure to potential customers.

2. Do not lie about a product’s attribute name or value. All related information provided must be authentic and coincide with the product’s real conditions. And make sure not to add your contact information or other irrelevant information into the blank space.

Complete description about a product

Details about products, the blank space is for detailed presentation about products. You could use words, electronic forms, and picture to showcase your products. For more attention from potential customers, more pleasant web-page experiences, all users are recommended to accompany products specifications with photos and pictures while making sure all information provided is authentic.