Keyword Services

Want a simple way to market your products and find the buyers? Statistics show that 98.6% of buyers search suppliers by keyword.
1.What is keyword bidding?
Keyword bidding is an exclusive service in the field of search ranking for Coowor members. When buyers search for products and purchase information on our website, the product and supplier information related to keyword bidding will be in the forefront of search results and be found by buyers at the first sight.
Keywords usually refer to the names of main products in an enterprise, and also the names most frequently used by buyers, such as “air conditioner”, “refrigerant”, etc.
2.How does keyword bidding work to attract buyers?
For example, an air-conditioning enterprise succeeds in bidding the keyword “Air Conditioner”. When a buyer searches for “Air Conditioner” on, the first search result he see will be ……

3.Functions of keyword bidding
1)Rank top, improve buyer feedback, and get all-round promotions.
2)The competition of online business is so fierce. Keyword bidding helps improve your enterprise popularity by ranking top among all the opponents.
3)As different groups have different needs, keyword bidding delivers an overall exposure of your products to groups with corresponding demands!
4.Process of keyword bidding
1)Recharge in the keyword account: ensure that you have enough money in your keyword account.
2)Select keywords: select the keywords related with your products and apply for bidding.
3)Bind your product with keyword and participate in the bidding: bind the product you want to promote with the keyword, participate in bidding according to the current price of the keyword.